“She who stayed, She who left”

Today, I attended a panel discussion exploring various topics surrounding somali identities. It was extremely interesting. It was cool to see how truly complex the topic is. Not mention, how complex all somalis are. Some of the key topics I took from the discussion were that:

a) Identity is truly defined by the beholder. What I may identity as being “my somali” may not be the same to another.

b) Our identities are shaped by our surroundings. I grew up in a Kenyan-Somali household, and I was very much in love with my Kenyan roots; however, when I experience the systematic discrimination faced by somalis living within Kenya. I decided I should learn more about who I truly am – i.e, dig into my somali heritage.

c) I have a lot to learn about my own identity and i can’t wait to do so.

I am exhausted. It is 12:44 pm, and I should sleep. I will attach a few pictures from the show.


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Goodfellas Gallery on Queen W

Goodfellas Gallery on Queen W


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