Happiness? Is that you?

What does happiness entail for humans now a days? The desire for ultimate happiness is a state which many of us doggedly aspire. We buy books, watch films, and read articles all directed to teach us how to be happy, yet how does one even recognize the absences of happiness.

How is happiness measured? When do you realize you are unhappy? Is it when your mother refuses to allow you to snack on cookies before dinner?  When RIM  fails to allow you to keep up your BBM conversations? Or,  is defined when your favourite artist has their album pushed back?

We fixate our lives around seeking an ultimate state of happiness, while ignoring the lessons behind every heartbreak, or disappointment.  To essentially achieve a permanent state of happiness one must divert pain (which is sadly impossible to do).

In reality, we live in a world which our next door neighbour could be suffering from hunger, disease, unemployment, or inequality and one wouldn’t even know because we are so engulfed in our own lives to care about others. And, simply look at their situation with eyes of pity. We fail to see the beauty behind life’s multifaceted masks of complexities and contradictions. Trust me, the world is bigger than a twitter update or a facebook status.

Twenty-one years of living, I have learned happiness lays in the equilibrium  of good and bad.  Smile,  express your joy for breathing, and enjoy your life, but value your disappointments, acknowledge your shortcomings, and never aim for happiness, for it is simply overrated.




diasporic dialgoues

Welcome to the Diasporic tales.

Here we will attempt to create a space for members within the African diaspora to engaging in dialogues about the issues facing the African community. We hope by creating this space for writer, directors, photographers we will be able to open the forum to discussions and issues faced by members of the first generation community living in the first world.

The Diasporic Dialogues is a project aimed to give a voice to each and every members of our community, so please feel free email the.diasporan.1@gmail.com

with love.